Imagining on this beautiful day in sunny NSW, sun baking on the beach. Ah- Ah – No, No ! Move along – no loitering on the beach ! 🙂

What to do ?  – How to do it ? -What not to do ? –   Stop telling me what to do ! ?

I know … your are probably reading this and going., “Great another person writing about it, Bloody social isolation.

Funny how words like “isolation ““social distancing ““curve “ flattening'” cruising “Corona “ and some other chosen run-of-the-mill words now cause you to gasp, step away, or even create disconnection and connection to people we have never met before .

Memoirs for future generations to read about .

A friendly neighbor whilst out on my walk , albeit 1.5 meters away from me  past me and said “So how’s your isolation going ?”

(No one is talking about the weather anymore ) “Great ” I replied smiling. That’s the extent of my outdoor conversation these days .

2 years from now we will be talking about it. At dinner parties as we sit 50 cm apart saying .

“Do your remember when in 2020, the world went into isolation ? “

“All human beings had to lock themselves away from a ghostly virus which transported itself through and on people ! ”

“No one knew when this hideous ugly pimpled head of a virus would rear !

“It would be hiding around corners, in nooks and cranny’s- the safest place to be was in our homes in isolation with our sanitizes and toilet paper stashes ! ”

My Island home

On a serious note – I understand outside my home of Australia –  outside my safe sun burnt landscape, things are happening at a rapid rate and pace .

I am a part of it all as I watch through the lens of media channels in stillness.

A citizen of this world and feel like an ant in a billion part puzzle .

A small piece, included but thankfully excluded at the same time.

I have to stop my urge to watch the news too many times in the day – just for a moment to remain brave .

Was there a plan ?

Did it feel like there was an introduction ? A musical prelude or timely consideration to when lock down was to happen ?

It just felt like it … happened ? Or maybe I just didn’t notice the early warning signs or the flashing go-slow lights .

One day everything was “normal” and then it just wasn’t. What is even more of conundrum is facing whether what I was doing before was “not normal” as I feel much calmer these days in self isolation .

Discovering myself

Into week 4 of isolation I have discovered a lot about myself in this time of lock down. Firstly, one of the things I am enjoying is being alone. There is also a big difference in being alone and being lonely. Maybe when I get to week 8 I will keep discovering other essential parts of my self. This is not the first time in my life I have been isolated through choice, so I have had a lot of practice .

I have discovered at this time though, I can never go back to how it was or how my Monday to Friday unfolded each day . The fast paced madness of driving to work and back , The wasted time spent on the road in traffic, and spending my day sitting in a closed in building with no windows. I was always wanting to work from home – it took a pandemic to answer my prayers 🙂

The 2 person rule

Being alone – your find things to do with just yourself, find things your like about self and things your don’t .Obviously you can’t do things your need a minimum of 2 people to do, like sitting on a see-saw for example ? Haha !

But all in all – I embarrassingly admit, I’m having a good time .

Just on a side note – Why is there a 2 person rule when  going out walking ?

Didn’t a guy called Noah invent that one a while ago?

Is it because 2 makes a pair ?

Sorry, I do tend to digress when alone 🙂

I have heard some people do not like to be by themselves. I am not one of those.

I like to think of myself as a revolving and evolving human door, which loves the internal and the external equally .

Its only when i start talking out loud to myself in self isolation -thank goodness I can re direct my vocals to the dog 🙂

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  1. I love your introspecting voice, and I’m sure a lot of us are going to discover things about ourselves that are both scary and illuminating. I live in Sweden, and we are one of the few countries that are practicing social distancing without quarantine. So far, it’s going according to plan, but the government is ready to implement a lock-down if the numbers are changing. If that happens, I am confident in solitude. I replenish my energy when I’m alone, but hitherto I’ve never been forced to stay at home, and that may very well be a new kind of experience.

    1. Thanks Michel,
      Sweden seems to be doing it well . Yes, we do discover a lot about ourselves when we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control . But best to make the best out of any situation ! 🙂 Thankyou for your reply to my post !

  2. Hi Amera,

    Thanks for this, it’s really nice to read that you’re coping well with social isolation despite the lack of loitering on the beach.

    My lodger has a similar experience in the UK where she sat down in a park to give her dog a drink of water and was asked to move along. I am fortunate here to have a suntrap of a garden, and we are still allowed out for one form of exercise per day or approved other activities (like grocery shopping etc). I’ve found that people are taking a bit more time here now, they’ll stop and talk (at a safe distance) with their neighbours which never used to happen.
    I do hope as a society that we end up taking the positives out of this experience.


  3. Well well, a very interesting point of view indeed. I am not living alone in the lockdown but I know many people do. I would argue with some of your points but since you are living alone, you have a lot more experience that me.
    Good luck with next few weeks and the website

  4. This article makes me appreciate being English a whole lot more, because the more crap the weather is, the less you want to go outside anyway.

    1. Thanks Simon, but we need excercise and there air is so fresh without the planes in the sky – Australia is so beautiful at this time of the year, real beach weather !

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