As we all start coming out of isolation or at least having a little peak , we all want to head for the open space of the beach.

Feel the breeze tickle our ears  and feel some sun rays as we up turn our face’s to the sky .

Watching the world emerge slowly across our News channels, as pictures fill our screens of people across the world  coming out to play outside there Caves .

Out of isolation, like butterflies emerging from the innards of a cocoon .

End of Summer

In Australia, we are at the tail end of Summer and the entree of Winter. We are getting some sneaky Summer days though.

The COVID-19 lock down has got us all making plans for holidays .  Although we have been told so far we can’t get off our Island .

Perhaps we can go visit our neighbouring cousins in New Zealand in the not to distant future.

If you’re already making travel plans for months down the line or next year, but don’t know where you’d like to go  – head for the beach . There are plenty of them around and they are free .

Beach holidays are the ultimate way to relax you mind, rejuvenate you body, channel you inner god or goddess and get out to your  leisure wear. Go for walks with friends and family.

Or get on you bike and go for a cycle .

Of course, the mountains have their own charm, but think of what the beach has to offer!

It may be too early to spread out the picnic blanket yet or a towel for sun baking.  People may still need to go to the beach and keep moving, running, walking or swimming .  Static activities like having a lay down and  a sit down social gathering is still not allowed in some parts of the world .

Reduced openings of some beaches are still being enforced. Checking with you local beach before you head towards the coast .

Some beaches are open 10-5pm, some just in the mornings . Still maintain 1.5 metres ( 6 feet ) between strangers and avoiding  groups of 10 or more .

We are all frustrated but a short term gain for a long term goal is what we can remind ourselves of.. So just get those endorphins working and go for a run and keep moving 🙂 Takes some deep salty sea breaths 🙂

What to wear when your out & about. 

So i have found some great online athletic  & leisure wear in my isolated shopping space .I just put in my order as we cross over seasons from Summer to Winter   time and think you should all check it out and see what you think !

Start with your feet and do not compromise quality get some great comfortable shoes by sketchers
Cover your feet  with these  shoes by Under Armour  ( make sure you check out more sizes ) with great socks you can not go wrong with these socks from Under Armour . 
Take it from me I am out in the elements each morning walking or running near the beach and i have found the products from Under Armour keep me cool, dont overheat me and light enough to get the most out of my excercise .

My other favourite here is Champion . The quality of the track suit pants is great. i can go from inside to outside, leisure to outdoor leisure in an instant !

Whats your favourite excercise to do on the beach ? let me know below !

Things to play with down the Beach

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  1. Hi,
    Your post made me want to travel, I’ve always dreamt to travel to Australia, but unfortunately my girlfriend can’t fly for more than 3 hours. I Must find a solution to see those amazing beaches, and I definitively will.
    I really loved this post and I thank you for sharing this information.

    Have a great day,

    1. HI Andrea, yes Australia is a beautiful country . Hopefully when travel restrictions lift you will make your way down under.
      At least you can access programs that show Australian beaches . One day they will have a travel plan that will move us in less than 3 hours from one side of the world
      so your girlfriend can travel ! Thanks for reading my post

  2. A very motivated article after months of dealing with isolation and this virus, I am sorry to hear you missed most of your summer because of this nasty virus. You have provided inspiration for all of us through your article today, and your perky attitude really improves all of our moods.


    1. Ah thankyou so much Jeff ! Yes, we just need to get out there near the beach , even if its a bit chilly and the weather is so unpredictable , we are getting some sneaky summer days
      in Australia . ( Must be borrowing them from someone elses summer over the other side ! 🙂

  3. Your site looks very nice. Not quite summer yet here in the USA and we know the pools will not be open. The beach sounds like a great idea, but it’s a pretty long way to the beach from here. Over a thousand miles. Waiting for the government relief check. We’re all socialists now! Thank you. It is refreshing to view the beauty of the beach and the sun.

    1. Thankyou so much Chris for your lovely comments 🙂 I know its frustrating when you live so far from the beach . When i was in Sydney it was more than an hours drive and for me being
      near the water is a great place to be . I used to put up picture in a room in my house , just so i felt i was looking out at the ocean to imagine that i was there . So at least if its in your mind’s eye it helps !
      Now i live 10 minutes walk and I am very blessed .

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