Get yourself out of bed & get down to the Ocean and watch a sunrise .

No … Its to early for Tequila !            I mean the one at the beach !

Get  yourself down to the beach and watch a new day dawn.

There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free.

A person that loves sunrises is called a Solist .

It refer’s to someone that has an intense enjoyment of things related the sun .

Are you one of those people ?

I try to soak up the Sun in the Summer months and if life permited I would follow the sun to the otherside of the world to avoid the Winter months.

Everyone is happier, lighter and smiling more when the Sun is shining.

The air is clear and if you live near the Ocean a walk at first light sets up your intention for the day .
Be the change you want yourself to be
Don’t stress the things you cant change
Celebrate small gains not life long pains
Be present and surrender yourself in the moment .

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