The one size fits all approach for kaftans is a great idea and let me tell you why .

A) More likely than not it will fit you in most instances.

            B) It is a free size which is generally allows for  more flow.  Failing the above and you need a quick cover all  . The Kaftan has a cousin called “The Kimino “woman standing near seashore

which also can fit in the one size category with openings on the side and or front .One Size fits all doesn’t work for all outfits but I must say, mostly with the freedom loving Kaftan – you can pretty much be on a winner .

A Kaftan by another name ?

Yes ! It can be spelt Caftan or Kaftan, kurta, yukata, kanga, or chiton, virtually every culture throughout history has had their version of an easy, flowing garment for everyone, every day.

It has been said the K version Kaftan can be traced back to the word Kap- ton in Turkish Mesopotamia which translates to “covered garment ” .

woman in white dress walking on beach during daytime

A quick History of the Kaftan

At the beginning of the 20th century, Queen Victoria’s granddaughter married Czar Nicolas II becoming Czarina Alexandra and was photographed in a traditional kaftan. The opulence of the garment sparked a taste for the exotic dress which became all the rage in Victorian England.

There is a great brand of Kaftans . When shopping for a Kaftan look at the material and flow – Cave Woman Australia does have some nice ones, so have a look around .

But Let’s face it – I am generalising –  but One size fits all in most clothes only means  from an Australian size 10(S)  up to a size 16 or (XL)

So if you fall below the size 10 or over the size 16 you might find yourself having second thoughts whether to order a one size fits all or more often one size fits most .

Most retailers though are pretty good with a turn-a-around service  and offer an exchange or a refund .

Buying online, one of the draw backs is not being able to be fitted or choose in person and it is sometimes hard to find the correct size  you think you are.                                                                                      I am a size 14 and  some makes I buy are a ” real size 14 ” others might drive me to buy a size 16 .

It doesn’t do good for my l head to go up a size . A) go with a brand that is true to size or B) go for a one size fits all .

In my own online store, Cave Woman Australia I tend to sell clothing in a one size fits all size. As a retailer and a small business at that, it gives me more scope in being able to go for variety in colors and styles, rather than stock . The other pluses is also that I am not stuck with sizes which don’t fit anyone else 🙂

History of One size fits all .

The phrase started off as using to describe clothing and was coined as a way to fit all people. Over time, it has also been used to apply to circumstances. But the reality is – does one size fit all ? In this COVID pandemic for example I have heard the cliche phrase used ” We are all in the same boat ” but are we ? Are we in a boat that fits all of us ?

Sorry I do tend to divert as I don’t have the one size fits all mentality, but I do enjoy it in clothing !

Why I love the one size fits all Kaftan .

A kaftan is great in the ways it can be accessorized with belts, necklaces, scarves – what you wear underneath, whether it is tights, shorts, boy shorts – it doesn’t really matter as you can in one way or another work out which is your best asset


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