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Australian Beaches are a massive part of our life

“So where the bloody hell are ya ?” ūüôā

Our beaches are a massive part of our life in Australia .

But with our new isolation laws.  Why are all our beaches closed ?

Thankfully not for a quick brisk walk and indulging our olfactory sensations with a bit of a salty spray as we walk by .

There is nothing more beautiful than an isolated beach under any other circumstance.

But Isolation is now becoming a word we are relating to as  removal of our rights as freedom loving humans all over the planet .

Thankfully our newly acquired way of life and our isolation laws are allowing us to go out to exercise and if you can walk on a beach or a nearby lake or beach¬† just so you can “wave at a wave” and gaze out at an expanse of water and not just your back fence – get out there and lap it up !

You will be doing you mental health a favor as well as moving your body.

A long stretch of sandy beach which travels as far as the eye can see as the water laps and tickles the dry sandy edges of the shore.

Now sits vacant, waiting in anticipation for its inhabitants to one day again bake there bodies in a salute to the sun .

Ahhh – Summer didn’t feel that long ago ….

A Beach Provides a Visual experience

A beach provides a visual feast for the soul whilst you are out in the fresh air. Just looking out at a mass of water stretching out to the horizon gives us glimpses of our  hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow .

Even in winter it’s not odd to see a surfer riding waves in a wet suit or people jogging down a sandy pathway.

Bondi Beach is giving a lot more space to seagulls who are wondering where are all those tourists  ? So we can steal some fish & chips !

The Famous Bondi Beach really made the news when masses of people flocked to the beach ignoring the 1.5 meter rule.

The first weekend of April 2020 will always be remember as the day the now famous Bondi-solation was imprisoned by fencing keeping the humans out from there¬† big beach sand pit.¬† Sad ūüôĀ

After this ruling, If people were caught sun baking or gathering they were asked to move along by lifeguards, rangers or the police and hefty fines were given .

Social distancing

Its reported in a local newspaper, on the popular Gold Coast Queensland, the council took action because people were ignoring the social distancing rules. The rule’s currently in place is a¬† 2 person rule . Most beaches are still open for people to exercise, swim and surf but most councils are threatening to close more beaches . The messaging is said loud and clear

” More beaches will be closed if people don’t observe social distancing rules, including no gathering’s or loitering. “.

Exercise for the Body – food for the soul

Some popular outdoor activities you can do solo or with one other person is walking, running, jogging, bike, hiking.

The main thing in this climate is to just get outdoor, away from your screen or  device and get out in the open.

I myself have seen a change in mother nature in the last few weeks. I have seen an influx of butterflies in the garden, less traffic on the road, the sky is so clear with an absence of aircraft’s in the sky and the air feels fresher when I take a deep breath.

People are still smiling as they walk past you –¬† albeit 2 metres away.:)

If you have a dog -voila !¬† –¬† your personal trainer on a leash to take you for a walk . To tell you the truth I could not exist without my furry personal trainer under any climate¬† .

So if you cant get to a beach, check out my Facebook page Cave dog Australia  or Cave Woman Australia and you will be happy to see my dog Rocket on the beach ! 

So in conclusion we will all get through this if we have a bit of “daily beach” in our lives –¬† Let me know – where is your favourite beach¬† and what is your outdoor excercise at the moment¬† ?


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  1. Hey,

    These are really tough times, and it’s great that you have shared this post. Even though the beaches are closed, I believe it is still good to read about and look at pictures to keep up our positivity.

    Just imagine the beach parties that are going to happen when everything turns back to normal and we are over this pandemic. Do you have your beach party planned yet?

    Thank you for sharing this, and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


  2. Well I am from Western Australia and my favourite beach is Scarborough Beach. I have been a few times to walk the sands and yes you are right.
    The feel of a breeze does a lot of good to shake out the stress of the day. Thank you for that refreshing pick me up. Cheers.

    1. Thanks so much Kevin . yes we all our restrictions lifting we might just catch the tale end of so left over summer days , jump out and get some picnics and sun ! Enjoy .
      if you enjoyed this article i hope you enjoy my other articles about the beach . Big Wave from the other side of Australia ! regards Amera

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