My experience of moving to the beach after living in the big city – I happily updated my wardrobe and rediscovered the Kaftan.

I started to design some beautiful flowing Kaftans and look to the internet for the best Kaftans for the Aussie freedom loving Woman
Embellished, heavily patterned or sleekly minimal – there is nothing better than a Kaftan.

I have always been an Aussie  beach lover . A barefoot in the sand, wind blowing lhrough my hair ,type of gal  🙂

What I wear  over my bathing suit  or just going for a walk down the shore  with my dog – my favorite bit of clothing is something

which is not restrictive.

Thats why I love a Kaftan for it’s flow and freedom of movement..

Wearing a beautiful Kaftan is easy to wear and provides ease of movement and compliments my body.

In essence it makes me feel beautiful .

What’s in a Kaftan ?        

Hopefully you !

Kaftans have been around since Pharonic and biblical times..

It is an ageless garment worn by Women all around the world . Historians write Western fashion adopted it from the Middle East .

in the 1950s ,60s and even 70’s , It was not unfounded for a woman to be wearing a Kaftan fashionably out and about

and in the home .

The simplicity of a Kaftan is back in fashion.

The way it is cut and falls over your body – no matter what size, shape or age is part of it’s eternal beauty.

There is no restrictions – and why should you be restricted by clothing ? We have enough restrictions in our life as it is !

Born to be free  in our body and minds as we are covered by cloth .

Simple .

Be free in the clothing which cover our bodies.

Cover or accentuate, Your choice. If you decide to accessorise, belt it or billow it up, the possibilities are endless .

There is so many types of Kaftans to choose from .

My personal favourite would be one you can wear from beach to the shop to restaurant & home.

.A Kaftan I can throw over the top of my head and feel comfortable in an easy to wear layer of fabric designed to promote

flow and freedom. 

Short or Long Kaftan ?

Of course this goes hand in hand with preference.

We all have a body part we want to accentuate or hide & comes down to personal preference.

I like micro mini kaftans and wear some granny shorts underneath.

My best friend likes a kaftan with a flowing sleeve ( as she doesn’t like to show the top of her arms )

I also love Long Kaftans for the swish of movement it gives as I walk.    And they look great  barefoot or with flat sandals .

And if I feel I want to “hike it up ” I tuck it into the top of my undies and I create a billowing  effect at my hips  or I accessorize

with a stretchy belt and “voila ! ” I have 2 different looks .

Material of the Kaftan.

The great thing about Kaftans is they can be worn all year round.

My favourite fabric would by durable and breathable and easy to clean.

But you can’t go past a silk Kaftan – plain or patterned – and I think the ultimate Kaftan would be one which doesn’t cling but moves

with the lines of your silhouette .

I do love a Cotton Blend on a hot day and there are so many beautiful fabrics to make a Kaftan  unique .

Embellished Kaftan ?

“Bling is still my thing ”  and I am a bower bird when it comes to sequins & Swarovski stones, nothing turns my head faster !

The Bling in a Kaftan for me has to be real and good quality be aware when you purchase it comes with a care label on how to care for

your embellished Kaftan.

Take Care of your Kaftan and it will take care of you .

So there you have it – if you can’t get to the Beach –  bring the Beach to you as nothing says more than I am “free to be” me than a Kaftan !

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  1. You’ve certainly captured the freedom in wearing something loose and comfortable and I felt as though I were at the beach reading your post. Light and breezy all the way with some emphasis on fashion. I would say good job!

  2. This should appeal to many people especially if they can wear it around town and end up at the beach without having to change. It gleams comfort, and at the same time is sleek and desirable. Great job.

  3. Hey,

    We’ll be going on holiday this year, and my girlfriend will be looking for new clothes. I think she will like the Kaftan beachwear so I have forwarded this post onto her.

    I’ve encouraged her to get in touch if she has any questions.

    Thanks for sharing. Your site looks great.

    All the best,


  4. What a beautiful article. Do you know, I’ve never owned one? But I think after reading your article I might have to! I love that they’re so versatile and you have included ideas and examples of how to wear them. Like you, I am drawn to all things sparkly, so I imagine I will start there. Where is the best place for me to get one?

    I think of kaftans as essentially products of summer so I like that you said I can actually wear it all year round. I had no idea they’ve been around for so long, what a fascinating history they have!

  5. I love the idea of a kaftan! It sounds very comfortable and goes right along with the ideal life you described of comfort, choice and freedom. From your descriptions it sounds like there is something for everyone!

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