The Beach Kaftan – What to wear to the beach & Beyond

  My experience of moving to the beach after living in the big city – I happily updated my wardrobe and rediscovered the Kaftan. I started to design some beautiful flowing Kaftans and look to the internet for the best Kaftans for the Aussie freedom loving Woman https://t.cfjump.com/68880/o/67169 Embellished, heavily patterned or sleekly minimal – …

Life- on- the -beach
The Beach Kaftan

About Me

Welcome To “The Beach Kaftan ” your number one online sharing site about Kaftans & beyond What you Wear and Where you want to be. Not only will you just find  stories about Kaftans  – My favourite a free flowing garment that promotes freedom and leisure , you will find stories about many different interesting …

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