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Nearly 2 weeks into social isolation and it’s starting to feel like ground hog day .

Get Dressed for Mental Health

It is important to be aware of mental health in social isolation. For yourself and  family to continue functioning in a somewhat normal environment in this new world. As Joni Mitchell sung in big yellow taxi :

“Don’t it always seem to go. That you don’t know what you‘ve got. Till it’s gone”

I need to get dressed for self motivation instead of social isolation .

Opening up my wardrobe this morning took me longer to choose an outfit than if I was going out to a meeting .

Do I reach for a comfy Kaftan, stretchy leggings or a velour track suit ?(which still look very much like pajamas )

What do I wear for another day in social isolation ?

Even days when I do work from home I felt it was an easier choice . So the very least is to try to keep a sense of engagement and non isolation with my wardrobe 🙂

I thought I would throw it out to my Facebook friends who have kindly shared some of their home fashion looks – most said before getting dressed It is important to be self vigilant, have a goal and accomplish something each day – which I totally agree with .




Fashion in Social Isolation

These are some social isolation fashion looks they came up with :

* Birthday suit * Bathrobe * Gym Gear * Normal casual wear

* Underwear * Kaftan * Pajamas .

As I was really hoping more would say Kaftans, I was happy to hear most did call on the kaftan as they are the most comfortable, especially if it’s a hot day.


Interestingly when you ask a question it brings up more questions !

Is there a difference from working from home and having no choice but to work from home ?


One of the hardest things about this situation is the lack of choices we have in social isolation and the impositions on us. Most of us have turned to the only social situation left to us now which is channels such as Facebook, Skype, zoom and the like. Which is all good in the short term but very soon we are going to crave the human face to face we started to miss when online shopping started to take over our shopping habits

Now I have digressed from my wardrobe topic – lets have a look at some other things which might also help 🙂

Intention and Structure

This one is a biggie. Have intention and Structure in your day. Be pro active and accomplish something for self and then something for someone else. Divide up you day between you “me” time and work time. Add some self-love to you study or work routine .

If you normal work/study times are 9am to 3pm for example try to stick to that. If y not working and retired still try to stick to a schedule .

Its s ideal to have a balance of different activities. This approach provides evidence to you day and called “ Behavioral activation “


Make a List .

Making a list is a good start, crossing things off you list is even better. Try to y make time to do things around the house and get satisfaction in finishing things off .


80% of people wrote routine as being a high priority and 90% went for comfort vs fashion                                                                                       in their clothing style .

Focusing on a self-love routine – Janna’s List .

My friend Janna had some great ideas .

Even before thinking about what to wear it’is important to include :


– find a quiet spot to meditate or even just concentrate on breathing exercises for 10 minutes

– write in your journal each day


-DYI body scrub, facial, DYI massage

– lie in the sun and get some much-needed vitamin D

– do an online belly dance class, Pilates class, yoga or even something you’ve never tried before!

– go for a swim or spa (or bath!)


The reality of isolation


Lack of schedule and not enough to do is a recipe for situational depression . Wellness and Mood go hand in hand. So Get up, get dressed, get everyone in you household into a morning and afternoon routine.

Shower, have breakfast, make your bed – dress casually – but do get dressed and out of your PJ’s .

It is important to keep up appearances – even from a distance .

No time for hair and make up and there is a conference call coming through in 5 minutes . That person will no doubt comment on ” That’s a great color on you – or – what a great shirt ! ” I don’t know about you – but I am more self-conscious on a screen than in a room full of people !

As one of my FB peeps said ” Business on top and casual and comfy below ” works well for the online meeting . (This reminds me of the old analogy of the news reader sitting at the desk ! )

So in conclusion. What started off as a review of fashion in self isolation became a review of all things “self from the inside out. ”

Would love to hear you comments below !

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