Do you avoid walking on the beach if you dont want to go barefoot ? Dont make excuses put your shoes on !

Walking on Sand

Sometimes walking on the beach barefoot may not be an option for you .Whether personal choice or having the right type of footwear is needed.

A Pair of thongs ( flip flops ) might be the answer, but depending on your arrival at the beach you don’t know if you will be greeted with soft of hard sand .

Shoes for Beach walking

I found walking on the beach in a good pair of shoes is great for my walking experience, There is a range of waterproof options available to you in a Sandal or a covered running shoe . But posture and gait need to be well supported . I had a thought earlier on in my beach walking that an old pair of runners would do the trick  .  My thought process was if i wore my new runners they would get ruined . No !  Get some water resistant runners/walking shoes if its an issue .Well supported walking shoes are best for the uneven surfaces .

Some other ideas for Beach walking footwear.

Hiking and sand Thong/flip flop lovers – having a good comfortable sand walking shoes
Water proof shoe sandals – Crocs have a good range of waterproof shoes with a slip resistant outsole and provides drainage .Here are some features to look for in shoes for walking and running on sand.
Sandals – Look for a sandal with a rubber outsole that has slight patterns, open upper design that allows sand to fall off, and non-irritating materials that will not chafe. There is no doubt walking on the beach even if its dry sand will not be good for your fashion footwear you were on land or to the office , so be reasonable and seasonable !
Water Shoes – Water and Boat shoes are ideal for walking in water as well as on dry or wet sand, they keep the sand out, have a flexible design and are very lightweight with a thin rubber sole for excellent grip.

So in Conclusion
the list is endless – check out this great post for some more great ideas

Best Beach Shoes and Sand Shoes Reviewed & Rated

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