T’is a hot one today in Australia and I am planning on going on a nice breezy cruise next week .

I need a Vacation !luggage for my kaftans

Some great March specials around and the Carnival Splendour has caught my eye .

Ladies  ! I cant be the only one who thinks like this . What am I going to wear on the cruise  ?  What is some great Cruise wear clothing  ?

Never fear – the kaftan is here  !  lol  . Of course , I NEED to go shopping and I don’t have to much time . Focus .. Cruise wearing Kaftans

  • I need some Amazon Kaftans under $30 that can fit in my luggage nicely .
    I always give myself a budge “Under $30”  just to make myself feel good .

On my Kaftan list is :

  • some nice bright colours
  • Under $30 ( ill try !  )
  • Cool and floaty whilst I picture myself on the deck looking out at the Ocean. ( Ill keep my eye out for Leo ! )

Get Packing 

Where to start looking in the sea of Kaftans online ?  How do I find affordable with shipping ,  with a short time to get packing ?

I find myself on Amazon looking at reviews of those who have shopped before me ..

Defintion of hot climates differ in different places and even some parts of Australia , humid and dry heat can impact your shopping list  . I am off to the Islands so the weather should be comparable.

I suppose i want to be prepared  on my cruise I wont have time  to iron so knowing to go for something which packs really well .


I found this link on Amazon to a Great Range of Kaftans , Whats even great they have a great range and I can go and order a few that will pack nicely in my luggage and have lots of beautiful moments around the pool and deck.

Evening Kaftans

As evening sets  a nice flowy  long Kaftan whilst sipping cocktails at Sunset is a must.  .

My packing list of 8 things for my cruise for 8 days. 

  1. One website that has a great array of affordable Kaftans ( I need 8 ! )
  2. Swim Suit
  3. suntan protection lotion and after sun
  4. Book or a journal for writing
  5. sunglasses and eye mask for night time
  6. beach bag or backpack
  7. Sandals , thongs and sports shoes ( yep – I will get to the gym !
  8. sea sick tablets and berrocca  !
  9. And then i think – Why invent the wheel – this is a great website to have a look at for a newbie like me https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=76

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