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To “The Beach Kaftan ” your number one online sharing site about Kaftans & beyond

What you Wear and Where you want to be.

Not only will you just find  stories about Kaftans  – My favourite a free flowing garment that promotes freedom and leisure , you will find stories about many different interesting topics and links.

The Kaftan can represent your metaphoric vehicle of freedom in clothing, and  the beach  can represents endless possibilites of where you want to be .

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There you will find Kaftans, Ath-leisure wear,  gifts, Beach Towels, Beach Bags, Sarongs, and other Sandy treasures .

Hi There !

My name is Amera  and a few years ago I had a  “sea change”  from the hustle and bustle of busy city life and moved to a great little NSW  seaside suburb on the North Coast of Australia.

An environmental change can mean a wardrobe change . Kaftans, Beach dresses, leisure wear  are the new me !

I have swapped the red carpet runway – lights, camera and action for a sandy one that leads to a stage of liquid blue with a horizon filled with sunrises and sunsets and scatters of seaweed early in the morning as I walk my dog along the beach.

A sea change  even for a weekend is a must to rest, rejuvenate and find your “Why “. For me I have been fortunate enough to live the dream now and work towards being closer to the sea.

My Story about Kaftans and other things .

The inspiration & creation of “The Beach Kaftan ”   website was created when i found an amazing training program called Wealthy Affiliate I highly reccomend this training program .

Nothing feels better than being on the beach with a beautiful flowing Kaftan over your body or just walking catching the breeze as your toes tickle the shore line .

A piece of clothing you can wear that says “I am free to be me ” and the beach says ” I am free to be where I want to be .”

My years of Belly Dancing has given me great insight into this amazing garment long before it became a fashion statement.

I have inside knowledge to what makes a good Kaftan – the fabric, the cut, the flow – and now living by the beach – the freedom the Kaftan brings to the person whilst wearing them.

With decades of experience in costuming and making a woman look beautiful  . A Kaftan can be an  extension of the beautiful woman you are.

Even a Kaftan belted at the waist or hips brings femininity no other garment can do.

The elements of being surrounded Water bring a flow & a calm and the Beach is the place .

Being by the Beach gives me inspiration which I want to share.  If I cant bring you to the beach  = let me bring the beach to you in your minds eye !

So what do you think ?

The goal of this website it to share with you my love of writing , share with you articles and provide you with links to great products  .And how you  can find the finacial freedom to be where you want to be and join a great training program to give you the insight to work when and where you want.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Amera xx

P.s. Please check out my links for my other fun entrepreneurial projects .

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