A Kaftan by another name, the casual beach dress is a must for your summer wardrobe & beach wedding . Transitioning easily to the perfect and popular wedding dress

From where ever you are sitting right now in the world – it may be just a gaze out the window or a picture on your screen a beautiful stretch of beach is quietly waiting for its people to soak up the sun and show their smiling faces to the beach

However don’t despair or throw your idea out the window for your beach wedding or celebration.

Your dream still will come true.

I do predict moving forward we will be doing a lot more outdoor celebrations as the weather gets warmer .

Let’s face it, better for social distancing as far as square meter’s go.

Time to start looking for that perfect beach dress.

If your the bride, family or a guest – now is the perfect time to grab yourself a bargain .

You can never go wrong with a lace  shouldered beach dress.

Ah … I hear you say – I can’t expose the tops of my arms !

What about a bit of a shrug for your shoulders ?

If the weather starts to get a bit cool or you find as the sun starts to shade, check out these cute shoulder shrugs- they will work very well and give enough cover to do the cover trick and add a bit of warmth as well .

Some great Beach dresses under $200

I love some of these dresses. It may be a bit more than you want to spend but you could dress a wedding party in the same theme with these beautiful long flowing gowns. . The best place to go shopping as a bride or as a guest is Milanoo



I am actually really liking this brand as I find the fabric quite breathable and suitcase friendly – they have a lot of different outfits I can find on the same site . if I don’t want to do the traditional beach dress as well and I still feel like I am a bit dressed up with Something a bit flowy and breathable I can find lots of things on this online shop.

Sometimes it’s good to purchase a dress and a few different things while your shopping if you’re doing a mail order from the same place.

If you really like a brand or an online shop – it’s worth to stick with them. In particular if the sizing is true to size,as this brand tends to be .

Barefoot or Shoes

If your dress is long or short – just to protect your feet. I love these shoes.

Diamante and sand don’t normally work well together.

But that’s when you should be able to get those tootsies’s out of your shoes easily. The main part of the wedding would be above the soft sand anyway, but you may want to tickle your toes on the shore line and these are great

For the price and to look great on your day. Put these sparkles on your twinkle toes .

Extra bits to pack for an outdoor event.

Thought it would be appropriate to suggest to you a few extra things to take for an outdoor event. You never know with the weather., Sunny one minute and then a big cloud passing through, always be prepared. Weather prediction is sometimes a bit of a lottery. So pack, sunscreen, small purse or bag, parasol or umbrella, hat .

I am going to let you in on a little secret This is going to get you really excited

I am going to let you in on one of my fashion finds ! Get ready and come for a shop at this gorgeous place.you may even find a wedding present here


If your the bride, the mother of the bride or just a guest, you will want to look good for the price. A plain dress dressed up with accessories still does the job. Let’s face it the dress is the frame, it’s who is in it that makes it !

And in conclusion, Don’t forget Tradition

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. ”

Do you know why they have that saying ? “Something old” stands for continuity; “Something new” shows optimism for the future; “Something borrowed” symbolizes borrowed happiness; and “Something blue” represents purity, love, and fidelity. .

Ahhhhh !  Havent made up your mind ?

Don’t despair and give up on your dreams, it will still happen!

Have you had to put your beach wedding on hold because of isolation ? do you know someone that has had too ?

Let me know your comments below.

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  1. Tying the knot on the beach, sounds interesting and romantic. It seems less expensive as well. I Love the “sparkles” they look awesome better than barefoot. They look like a person is wearing sandals. I don’t like a crowded wedding. This looks like a perfect wedding for me, with just a few friends and family. In my country no social events are allowed at this point, due to the pandemic, not even weddings. The only gathering that’s allowed is funerals. Only family members can attend. Thanks for this lovely article.

  2. Hi very lovely article. I don’t know much of women textile, but on the other hand my fiance does. And I will give your article her to read it. We had abplot to marry at the beach ( well this was one of options), and maybe, just maybe we will marry at the beach – How romantic is this? And with your lovely article my fiance will definetly know what to wear if the wedding is going to happen at the beach.


    Primoz P.

    1. Hi Primoz, i hope you do choose the beach and its a lovely day when you do have your wedding . Even years later when you look back at your wedding photos ( and show your kids )  there will be a lovely feeling as your remember the freedom of being on the beach on your special day .  regards Amera

  3. So, yes, after getting to see your site with the beach dresses or Khfatan, I understand more about how to get ready for the wedding I have been invited to.  I have lived in the part of Texas that does not have Beaches!  In my part of the world, it is not unusual to have a barn theme for weddings, so when the beach idea began to float for this wedding, I wondered what it was all about.  Your suggestions could result in a beautiful bride, and still, be comfortable.  What a fun idea. 

    Is it alright for the guests to be barefooted, or is there usually some sort of ground covering for an area for wedding party and guests?  I really was not kidding, I haven’t gotten to attend a beach themed wedding before.  Thanks for your help getting this landlocked person ready for a new experience. Thanks, Sami

    1. Hi Sami ! How fantastic you have a beach wedding to go to and this article will assist ! I think wear shoes that you can slip on and off . There is nothing better to let your toes have a play in the sand if your at the beach . But you need to also keep those beautiful feet of yours safe whilst walking around so maybe some nice flat slip on’s will do the trick 🙂  All the best for the wedding !

  4. Amera,

    I love the idea of ​​having a wedding at the beach. 🙂
    Since the theme is wedding at the beach, wearing a casual wedding dress like khaftan is a great idea.
    Who says the bride must wear long dresses dangling for meters? Long-tailed dresses will only load a lot of sand (and expensive too lol…).
    Regarding shoes, maybe some people won’t be comfortable to go barefoot. Wearing flat shoes or low heels is certainly not a bad choice.
    I wish I had a wedding at the beach (got married in the Grand Canyon State). Maybe I’ll convince my sister to hold her wedding party at the beach later.

    1. Thanks Fera for your comments, hope you can convince your sister to marry on the beach , with social isolation she can invite more people !

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