Do you ever wonder what to wear when you head to the beach? You want something easy that also makes you feel great? Here are my 5 top tips to help you choose your perfect Kaftan.

Always feel confident and free while you sink your feet in the warm sand and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze.

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Shape it up!

One of the great things about kaftans is that they look fab on everyone and you shouldn’t need to worry about the sizing because one-size-fits-all.

Although this is true, it might be worth investing a bit of extra time in choosing your Kaftan so it doesn’t just fit ok, but looks great.

Size Matters

Often a Kaftan in your own size will look much better on you. Especially if you are below a size 8 or above a size 16, the one-size-fits-all just might not be as magical as it sounds.

We all have different shapes and sizes so it’s difficult for a single item of clothing to look just as great on everyone.

Do yourself a favour and choose a Kaftan in your own size as it’s much more likely to look fabulous.




Its also  important to consider your body type when deciding which cut to go for.

Here are a few tips for different body shapes:

Apple Diva –A long and flowy Kaftan with a V-neck is what you want

     Sexy hourglassOpt for a tighter fitting Kaftan that emphasizes your waist

      Pretty Pear-    Choose a Kaftan that broadens your shoulders with large long sleeves and decorations around the chest

    Ruler Queen – A shorter Kaftan with drawstrings is a winner for a rectangular figure

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Don’t be fooled by fabric

We all know that kaftans are made from light breezy materials which is why they are such a popular option for beachwear. Sadly this is not always true. I highly recommend you check what fabric a Kaftan is made from before you go ahead and buy it. You don’t want to end up like a sweaty mess 5 minutes after arriving at the beach.

Natural fabrics are cooler and help your body breath. Cotton is always a safe option and it usually comes with a reasonable price tag. If you want to feel like a Greek Goddess and don’t mind spending a little more, consider linen or silk. It’s best to avoid Polyester as it doesn’t absorb moisture or have much breathability at all. It’s everywhere as it’s super-cheap, but you will definitely notice the difference.

Wear me anywherewoman sitting on seashore selective focus photoAlthough Kaftans are irresistible as beach-wear, it doesn’t stop there.

They can easily be worn for all sorts of occasions. From lunch with the in-laws, to cocktails with the girls and even to the office.

The secret to turning your kaftan into a more chic and smart dress is to accessorise it. Kaftans are so easy to accessorise it’s as if they were born for it.woman in black and brown leopard print dress

One of my favourite tips to transform my kaftan and give it a whole new feel is adding a belt. It’s as simple as that! Adding a belt changes the shape and spruces up your look right away.
Adding jewellery, elegant shoes or a nice bag also instantly smartens up your Kaftan so you are ready for that fancy restaurant you’ve been dying to go to. From beach to chic in seconds!
I absolutely adore The Beach People’s bags and they are the perfect marriage for a trendy kaftan.

Zesty yellow or leopard print?

Kaftans come in every colour imaginable and with an endless variety of prints. Trying to pick the right one will certainly land you a headache. Here are some handy tips to help you narrow down your options.
Avoid dark colours- this may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget this when you are navigating the sea of Kaftans available. Next thing you know you are melting on the beach in your trendy new black kaftan.
Matching is key- think about what you will be wearing with your kaftan. Consider your footwear, handbags and bikinis and stay away from clashing patterns and colours.
Print or no print- This is completely up to your personal preference. Do you like to stand out? Find a bold original print which will get everyone’s attention. Are you more easy-going? Then you may feel better with a simple pattern or a one colour kaftan that you will never tire of wearing.

     Great Kaftans at Great Prices

If you are looking for a fabulous kaftan for an unbeatable bargain, you should take advantage of end of season sales. At the end of summer, online stores and shops often have some unbelievable deals while they replace their summer collection with the winter one.
Get one step ahead of the rest and buy a couple of summer staples for next year at a ridiculously good price. I know it’s a little sad to have to lock away your latest purchase for several months but as soon as it’s time to get down to the beach again, you will be ready to show off your brand new Kaftan!
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  1. I never thought about the sizes and choices of Kaftans. That really helps! I am a plus-size (though reducing!) but my daughters are all petite. The one size never seemed right on any of us, but we just managed with what we found. This might be a good time for us to go shopping (online! we aren’t venturing far during the pandemic) for new pool/beach coverings. Since we will be looking online, do you find they normally run true to size?

    1. Hi Diane , Yes its interesting as i also go for Kaftans normally as a one size fits all option , but even traditionally Kaftans come in different shapes  and they should be flattering ! . I think its always good to check in with the manufacturer, sometimes from China the Kaftans are a bit smaller and not so true to size !  

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